The time has come the walrus said…

…to speak of many things.  Things like… THIS!!


I’ve been feeling a little bit less excited than usual at the prospect of this years festival (this is actually my favourite time of the year, the festival and the magnolias are about to explode all over everything), I don’t know why, maybe because I didn’t follow Cannes much and there wasn’t anything much I was really waiting to see that I would probably only see at the festival.  But that all changed today with the release of the programme, because it is a beauty.

We had the media/programme launch function at work (we have for the last few years), which is exciting because I can generally get my hands on a copy of the programme when they arrive in the building, ie. before everyone else.  So I was sitting in the office doing some work when my boss marched in and slapped down a copy on the desk in front of me, saying, “You owe me.”  I guess because she hadn’t even got a copy for herself yet, so I got to have the first look.  Remember, I hadn’t been expecting much, so when I opened it and saw what the opening night film is going to be I started to make highly embarrassing noises exhibiting my heightened level of anticipation and pleasure (luckily I was alone at the time).

The opening night film is Beasts of the Southern Wild, which looks spectacular (and right up my alley).

Here’s a list of all the other things I’m pretty much set on seeing:

Holy Motors
Michael Haneke’s Amour
Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom (Duh!!)

Pictures of Susan (which is a documentary about my friend Lydia Cole’s aunt Susan Te Kahurangi King and her art)

Look, Know; Susan Te Kahurangi King (late 70's)

Monsieur Lazhar
The Hunt
Wuthering Heights

Shadow Dancer
West of Memphis (rumour has it Peter Jackson and Damien Echols—one of the three [wrongly?] convicted killers—will be attending the screening)

And all that without me even delving too deeply into what will be playing.  That actually seems about the right number of films for me to have on my list, but we’ll see what happens when the time comes (in another month!!!), and also after I have a proper dig through the programme when it’s not 2 am.


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