Winter had come

Or at least it was trying.  It had been colder than this in Autumn.  Last week even.  But then there had been a string of almost balmy days.  Until today.  Huddled into his black woolen pullover and velvet jeans he regretted not slinging a scarf from his neck before he had left the house in a rush, late because he had forgotten to reset his second alarm.  Walking down the streets, the dark stone of the sidewalks slick and shining, the wind insinuating its way under his clothes, he looked up at the sky, so dull and heavy.  Grey had washed over the world, and if the last brilliant leaves of Autumn weren’t still lingering, starring the pavement with red and golden yellow, everything would be monochrome.  Nearing the last few streets the sea came into view, green and hungry-looking, the white-tipped surface churning.  He crossed the road leaning into the wind, letting it wash over him.  He spread his arms and raised his face, feeling as though the current was flowing directly into his soul, blowing the cobwebs away.


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