31o57’10.73″S 115o51’17.72″E

From the room, or wandwrings…

Things I learned when I went to Perth:

  • Meeting people off the internet is not as scary as one might imagine.  Hi Jon!  (New favourite person [Amber, it’s okay, you’re still my all time favourite].)
  • Staying in hotel rooms is vastly overrated.  Even with a huge discount.  I think I would rather have stayed not in the city centre and somewhere more home-y.  Live and learn.
  • Perth wasn’t as hot as I expected.  But still hot.

Also, when Jon was taking me to the airport when I was about to leave I mentioned that I was disappointed I hadn’t seen any wildlife while I was in Perth (crows do not count), so when I found out my flight was delayed by over three hours he took me to a cemetery in the north of the city where kangaroos come out in the evening to nibble on the grass and hang out.

He also casually took my Ikea-ginity not knowing I hadn’t been there (we don’t have it in New Zealand—good thing/bad thing?).  So that was fun.  Had a few (500) Days of Summer moments, browsed the Swedish books, wanted to move in…

Thanks Perth, maybe I’ll see you again sometime?  Call me.


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