“Let’s forget that any of this ever happened”

I know, I know.  I usually go to the Twilight midnight screenings just so I can give you my verdict on how utterly revolting the whole thing is, but the release date for Breaking Dawn: Part 2 happened to fall on the same day as my flight from Perth to Brisbane (I eventually arrived in Brisbane sometime after 2 am thanks to an over 3 hour flight delay) meaning that midnight was out of the question.  Instead Amber and I went the next day.  So now finally I’ll give you my verdict.  In someone else’s words…

“…this second of two Bill Condon-directed instalments clears a low bar to stand easily as the franchise’s most eventful and exciting entry.”

(Thank you to Justin Chang from Variety)

It is still my belief that the first film, being better than the book, is actually the best film (that’s not saying much either), with New Moon taking the prize for best soundtrack (I still can’t believe that artists like Thom Yorke, Grizzly Bear, Bon Iver, St Vincent and The Editors actually allowed their music to be used for the film, but what can you say).

Anyway, I don’t advocate you watch the films or read the books, but someone has to take one for the team so all you other people don’t have to.

For the full gamut of gleeful panning head over to Rotten Tomatoes.  It’s like each reaction is better than the one before it.


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