T-minus seven days and counting…

Today was my last day in church before I move so there were lots of goodbyes and well-wishes.  It’s sad to be leaving, but at the same time it’s nice to have people say the things that they generally otherwise don’t.  Kind of like attending your own funeral maybe.  I hugged more people today than I have probably in a couple of years.

It’s felt like a bit of a week of lasts.  My last supervisor shift at work was last night, so the last time I have to wear my work uniform (I threw my pants in the bin after work—yuss!).  Possibly the last time of seeing a lot of regular customers at work, not that they would know because I’m not telling them.  The last time for baking brioche in this house (so many noms), the last drinks with the managers from work.

It keeps becoming more and more real with each day.  I really need to get myself sorted with packing up my stuff.  I’ve basically got three days left to get that done before I leave the city for my last few days.  So final decisions about what I take and what I leave behind, which for me is huge.  Almost like cutting the umbilical cord.


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