Melbourne, day two

I arrived in Melbourne yesterday (Monday) morning with my friend Caroline.  It was clear blue skies and stinking hot (I think it got to 32°C, I’m used to around 20 or whatever) but also really great.  We dumped our stuff at the hostel (my excessive amount of luggage, including two suitcases and my iMac in it’s box—$400 worth of airline excess baggage costs later) then went out to do the business, coffee, wandering the alleys, phones, banking, meeting up with Alice, our friend who moved here in December.  I feel like if I’m not really careful my money will take a big hit really quickly.  So I need to get a job (and a place to live) before I do any shopping whatsoever.

Today it’s raining (light rain right now), pretty much the perfect temperature slash weather combination for me.  Now we’re going to do more slothy wandering, go to where Alice is staying then check out the Uni for Caroline.

I’m crushing on Melbourne so hard right now.


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