Night walks

Bored, we left the hotel and walked without any particular thought about destination.  After a couple of blocks we picked a vague direction and ambled along, not worried about time or what the night might have in store.  We were still only just getting used to orienting ourselves, and the darkness made the whole world new again.

We passed closed cafes and empty bars, the streets quiet even at this reasonably early hour.  Crossing several roads we came up against a small park with a water installation at its heart.  An arcing network of steel piping above head level sent sprays of water sheeting to the ground, with a gap on one side allowing access to the centre where one could feel embraced by the coolness of the water in the air and the rushing sound as the water descended continuously all around.  Slowly changing coloured lights lent the experience a certain otherworldliness.

Nathaniel and the fountain

Moving on from this discovery we continued through the darkened streets, passed the old cathedral, walked along the edge of a series of reflecting pools, disturbing the ducks who had come to roost for the night, until we came up on another park, this one much larger and filled with grand old trees and the sounds of nocturnal creatures come out to feed.

We walked first one way, then another, penetrating deep into the park.  As we walked the jumble of sounds we could hear resolved themselves into individual shrieks and cries as bats wheeled through the sky and fed from a giant Moreton Bay Fig tree.  Orion was plainly visible in the clear sky above us, eternally poised to fire his arrow across the universe.  On the ground we were observed by possums who stood to attention as we passed, intently watching our every move.  We passed the occasional lone figure making their way quickly through the park, intent on some mission unknown to us and our meandering.

The lights of the city rose up before us once more, and we crossed the road into another park, passed some old government buildings then finally made our way back to our own front door and the two flights of stairs to our room.


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