The Front

I’m finally going to say it here, because now it’s properly official: tomorrow I start my first job in Australia.

It’s a cinema job again, which I’m happy with.  It’s good to keep some things familiar.  And let’s face it, I really, really value getting to watch movies for free.  It’s an arthouse cinema quite similar to my previous job, but is also smaller and larger, being independent, but also having twice as many screens and doing considerably more business.  That makes me think it will be an exciting place to work, considering they can make their own decisions without having to justify them (like they would if they were owned by a chain), and are well positioned in the market, doing good business.  They’re already considered a leader in innovation in the industry.  My old boss even told me that she watches what they do.

This afternoon I called up to confirm that I still want to work for them even though they didn’t offer me the management position I had applied for.  They had initially said I would start on Thursday, but because Easter falls at the end of the week I’m starting tomorrow instead so I have some idea of how they do things before the weekend.  They told me to wear black clothes (shirt, jeans, shoes) when I go in, which was somewhat of an expected problem considering black pants are the only one of those I already had.

This lead to one of my easiest and best shopping experiences ever.  I bought black Chuck Taylors, because let’s face it, they’re comfortable, versatile, and they’re what I wear.  I already knew where to go for those, so no problem there, but I thought a black shirt might prove more trouble.  I decided to go to Myer, because I figured that a department store would be a good place to look for a plain black shirt.  And I was right.  When I stepped off the escalator in the Menswear department the first item that caught my eye was a black Ben Sherman shirt in my size and on sale.  Perfect fit, I wear Ben Sherman shirts all the time (three of the shirts I brought with me are Ben Sherman), on sale.  This is the most ideal shopping experience ever.  Usually if I have something specific in mind when I go shopping I can’t find it.

I love Melbourne so much.

Have I mentioned that yet?


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