nu lyfe

My last post was on Friday 5th July, and in the time between then and now my situation has changed a fair bit.

On Sunday I finally bit the bullet at church and offered to volunteer at the Sunday night service, which of course lead to me meeting people pretty quickly.  So now I actually have people I know at church which is a nice feeling.

Then on Tuesday afternoon I went to look at a flat in the city, kind of an apartment above a café.  I took an instant liking to it so I took application forms, which Caroline and I completed and emailed through to the agent on Wednesday.  On Thursday morning she called to offer us the property.

So now we have a house!  Photos to come when we have an internet connection (not for another week and a bit).

I wanted to move in the next day (Friday) after we signed the lease and picked up the keys, but because of some problem with getting power connected before the weekend we won’t be moving in until Monday.  I mean, I could stay there, but there would be no hot water for showers, etc.  Le sigh.

After collecting the keys Caroline had to go to work, but because the agent’s office was around the corner from IKEA I decided to head there to buy a mattress.  Because, you know, along with a house I need somewhere to sleep.

Cue: IKEA rage, which I’m fairly certain is an actual thing.  Going there and actually trying to buy furniture is kind of a really frustrating process.  Maybe the Melbourne one is just really bad (from memory the Perth one was much nicer), but I almost think IKEA is an elaborate psychological experiment concocted by the Swedes and played out on the rest of the world.  If you come away from the experience uncrazed you can count yourself lucky.

And don’t just take my word for it…

In the end after trying out several mattresses and deciding on a couple I liked I went down to the area where you collect furniture items from.  Of course they had none of what I wanted in stock.  Boo!  So I gave up and left with just some tea towels (49c each!) and a bathmat.

Following that spectacular failure I cast my hopes on the Myer furniture store, and they delivered.  I found a decent mattress on sale and thus only slightly more expensive than the comparatively far inferior ones I had been contemplating at IKEA.  The next setback was just around the corner however.  My new mattress won’t be delivered for 10 days (the day before the internet is connected).  So I’ll be sleeping on the floor for a week.  Yay!! (*sarcasm*)

But, of course this is only minor, especially because now we have a house!

Caroline and I have been drooling over the idea of home furnishings and appliances for the last few days, and next up: trees and things for our outdoor area.


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