peace out

I am sitting in the dirty Exford Hotel for what is the last time (well, I thought last time I left was the last time and look where that went…). I’ve come back to pick up my last few belongings including my computer and will be going to my new flat for good.

We won’t have the internet connected until next week, so I will be filling my time with other things.  Like movie nights.  And reading all the books I’ve bought.

The power was finally connected tonight sometime between 5.30 and 7 pm.  At that stage I had almost given up on it and was lying on my bedroom floor thinking about calling up the power company tomorrow to let them know how undesirable it is to live without hot water.  But no, this does not need to happen.

Instead I get to have my first night in the flat, and alone because Caroline would rather stay in the hostel in a bed for another night than sleep on the floor.  Which she’ll be doing for a while considering she hasn’t even started bed shopping yet.

She is feeling strange about it, and I am a bit as well.  We’ve shared a room for the entire time we’ve been here, which is getting pretty close to five months.  I haven’t shared a room since I was a small child, but it’s funny how quickly you adjust to not having personal space.

But now I have all the personal space.  As you will see once I post pictures.

And now I’m going home


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