parcel post fail

When Andrea was over visiting last month I mentioned a certain product from home that was really good and I was going to have someone bring over for me. She took the matter into her own hands and sent me some in the mail.  Sadly someone had decided to use the package as some kind of sporting good like a football or basketball, because as you can see below, it did not exactly arrive intact.  The only way I even knew there had been a jar before I had the package fully open was from seeing the lid.  The package was flattened and squishy.  That’s how many pieces it was broken into.  I had to sift through the marmalade to find the pieces of label you can see in the picture.

marmalade smash

The item in question is Barker’s Sage and Onion Marmalade (which is even more delicious than it sounds) but is sold in supermarkets as New Zealand Onion Marmalade.  It’s best served on a crisp cracker with Chèvre (soft white goats cheese).

So disappointing, but it’s the thought that counts.


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