Small Update

Hi everyone.

Sorry I haven’t been posting on here.  It’s tough being without ready access to the internet on my home computer, I can’t upload pictures easily, I can’t write posts easily.  If I want to post something it takes effort and planning, and clearly that hasn’t been working for me.

In any case: I’m doing really well.  I love Melbourne despite the over 40° heat (which is actually not as bad as I expected).  I think humid heat like we get back home is much worse.  Work is good, church is great.  Caroline says I don’t spend enough time with her because I spend too much time with Jesus (aka church stuff).

Not having the internet is literally the worst thing I can say about my life here.  That and the fact that I haven’t left the city since arriving, which is coming up on a year in a couple of weeks.  But while I want to travel a bit and see things, Melbourne is more than diverting enough to keep me engaged and entertained.

Talk soon!



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