Welcome to Suburbia/the Madhouse

Two of Gotham (Melbourne)’s finest creatures of the shadows: Nightwing and Poison Ivy (aka Dick Grayson and Dr. Pamela Lillian Isley aka Nathaniel and Caroline) have made the move away from the city centre and into the leafy suburbs.

Here on an otherwise unremarkable street hides one of Gotham’s darkest residences: Arkham Asylum.

You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.

In other words, our lease was up, we were tired of not having the internet and all the other little niggley problems we had put up with for the past year.

Something had to give.

A friend of mine from work went overseas with her boyfriend for about four months, leaving a very large room vacant in their household of seven.  Usually I would never consider moving into a house with this many people (especially after the joy that was MacMurray Road), but the other inhabitants have very different schedules and are rarely seen and seldom heard.  And the house is more than ample to accommodate (despite having only one bathroom–it defies logic, I know).

It means Caroline and I are sharing a (like I said, very large) room, but considering we did for five months when we first arrived (hostels and Alice’s living room) that is hardly an issue.

At the end of October we’ll start looking seriously for somewhere new.


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