But the thoughts refuse to be stilled, and your heart is so full it feels like it will explode.  You try all of the usual tricks but your soul will not be quiet.

Don’t be broken, don’t be broken, don’t be broken.  Please don’t be broken.

You cry out to God.  Surely there is mercy here.  But you have no control and you can’t fix it.  All you can do is lie awake through the long and unsettled night, the wind raging and rattling at the windows, a mirror of the ceaseless roiling going on inside you, and you hold on to this quiet hope beneath all the roar and confusion.

Everything will be all right in the end.

Before the morning breaks you give up on sleep entirely and slide out of bed.  Sitting on the edge for a moment you wonder what this new day will bring.  Then you rise up to meet it.


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