MEL>>BNE 2015

Caroline and Nathaniel go to Brisbane and some things they see whilst they are there…

The most important aspect of the trip was that I finally learned (relearned) how to knit.  This is the first thing I have knitted since I was really quite young.  It will eventually be a Slythenclaw scarf.  (That’s a Harry Potter reference if you didn’t know).

We venture outside to catch the bus to the city.  Queensland is humid.

Brisbane has an important service announcement for you all.  Ironically I took a picture of this on my phone also.

Amber asked me to take a picture of her next to this guy, and I decided to copy her.  I said to her in all facetiousness, “Pretend you know how to use an SLR.”  The picture came out blurry.

We found this brownie shop.  Unfortunately they didn’t have any of the salted caramel, but the turkish delight one I bought was excellent.  Judging from the noises that Amber was emitting the jaffa one was pretty great.  Caroline had the turkish delight also.  She liked it.  Also, they were all gluten free!  Amazing!  Not that that is a requirement that I have, but good for them.

This is ostensibly the reason we went to Brisbane: Xiu Xiu play the music of Twin Peaks.  Atmospheric and exciting!  Bob was there in spirit.

Also, this; from the David Lynch Between Two Worlds show at GOMA.  Bee Board c. 1986-87. It’s a crappy picture from my phone, but I like it.  I may have liked the merch more than the actual exhibition.

This is from a Michael Parekowhai show that was also on.  I strongly dislike Michael Parekowhai (and have done since I was at ELAM), but I do like random empty chairs.  And pretty carpet.  I like that also.  It’s the same pattern as a rug that Amber gave me, but shades of blue instead of red.  These pictures are completely out of context from how they were installed in the show, but I don’t care.


These are an example of the large spiders that are everywhere in Brisbane.  I took this outside GOMA, but Amber also has some around her home/property/thing.

It’s Frosty Boy!!

On the way back to catch the bus we took a shortcut through the Queensland Art Gallery.  It was closing so I just took some quick snapshots.  I don’t know who the artworks are by, but I like them.






This is a different day when we were venturing home.  I think the partial illumination of streetlamps is one of my favourite things.



This is what I like to call “progress”.  Caroline also attempted knitting things but kept making mistakes and having to unravel and start over.  I just pretended my mistakes were intentional and kept going.  I’m calling them “features and benefits”.

This is Amber lying on the bed in the room Caroline and I were sharing.  She was feeling down because we were about to leave for the airport (I might be making that up).

I would rate this trip to Brisbane thusly:

3 out of 10 for the dining experience (really bad run with the cafes).  Those points are all for the brownies and also some musk flavoured fudge I bought at the Eat Street Markets.
7 out of 10 for coffee, what we had was pretty good.
8 out of 10 for weather.  I like a bit of a change, and the storm bird delivered on its promise of rain.
Accommodation I would rate 9 out of 10.  It loses a point for being so far from the city.  (Amber I love your house!  I would’ve taken more pictures of it but I was lazy and also out of the habit).

That was last week.  Now we’re back in crisp and cool Melbourne enjoying Autumn how it’s meant to be.

This post has been brought to you by my proud sponsor: the word ALSO.


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