Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell

Today is exciting because I was able to watch the first episode of the TV adaption of one of my favourite books: Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell by Susanna Clarke. I can quite happily report that the adaptation is pretty much perfect.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it previously, but I can’t recommend the book highly enough. It has been described as Dickens meets Austen but with a fairytale twist.

Here are some screencaps showing some of the key players…

Mr Norrell at his home, Hurtfew Abbey

Mr Norrell has come to London but doesn't like it much

Jonathan Strange stands nobly upon the hillside

Meet Vinculus, a street magician with an important role to play

The Gentleman with the Thistledown Hair is really a bit of a bitch and should never have been trifled with

‘Two magicians shall appear in England.
The name of one shall be Fearfulness, the name of the other, Arrogance.
The first shall fear me, the second shall long to behold me.
The first shall bury his heart in the dark wood beneath the snow, yet still feel its ache.
The second shall see his dearest possession in his enemy’s hand.
Both will fail.
The nameless slave shall be a king in a strange land.
I will return.’

These are the words of the Raven King.


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