caught up

It can be so easy to be swept along by the tide of life and forget to stop and think.  I’ve hardly ever been good at staying updated with what’s happening in my life on here, because life is just… life? and it keeps going and keeps going, but considering how bad I am at staying in touch with people I should probably at least make an effort.

So as you know, it’s winter.  Melbourne just suffered its way through the coldest July in 20 years (it didn’t feel all that cold to me, but whatever).  This has found me sitting wrapped in a duvet and basically on top of my heater most of the time.  I’m ready for a change.

Church is going well… it feels good to be part of a community with some really great people, and to have a team of volunteers around me who feel like a family (I don’t know if I’ve mentioned but for the past few months I’ve been given the responsibility of overseeing the whole hosting team for one of the evening services, which considering we meet in a theatre which has three levels, and is quite a juggle logistically, is no small challenge).

(That’s me in the beanie in the top left picture)

Work has been going along nicely as well.  I’ve been managing more consistently and been feeling a lot more settled in general.  I was just thinking the other day about how great it is to work with actual adults, most of whom can be relied on to take responsibility for their work and get it done, as well as just be great to be around in general.  I’ve had some annoying technical stuff happen on my shifts in the last couple of weeks, and the staff just keep things going whilst I’m running back and forth like a crazy person.  We’ve got a good team.

And lastly, it’s my favourite time of year: the International Film Festival.  This year I have 25 films booked (just nine left to go now before it finishes up at the weekend), I’m pretty sure that’s more than I had last year even.  I haven’t had any huge stand-outs this year, mostly because none of my favourite directors have films playing, and I’ve also not gone to a lot of films because they’re already scheduled for release at work over the next few months.  I’m going to predict that my favourite film playing this years festival is one that I won’t see for a while… the new adaptation of Macbeth by Australian director Justin Kurzel, which looks A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.  I had an early feeling it would play the festival but it wasn’t in the programme, then on Tuesday they announced it as a surprise screening this Sunday afternoon.  It is already sold out, and also I couldn’t have gone anyway because church.  But seriously.  It releases theatrically here in October, and I can’t wait.

Anything else?  Oh love life.  What love life?  Forever alone.  Undateable.  Yadda yadda yadda.  Singletons unite!

Life.  Oh life.  Ooooh li-i-i-i-fe. Oh life. Do-do-do-do.

tumblr_nsynpxb8hW1qbtakdo1_540Bye now.  I have a meeting at church to go to then some weird film at the film festival.


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