continental drift

I had a cute encounter earlier today.  I had finished work and was going to the supermarket to pick up some supplies.  As I was coming to the escalator leading down to the supermarket, the kind of escalator that is flat so shopping trolleys (carts) can go on them, a woman with a baby and two small children and an older woman were getting on the escalator (isn’t escalator such a great word?), but the little girl, who was I would say around three years old, just stood at the top and watched as her family slowly drifted away from her.  They were trying to encourage her to get on and saying she would be fine, but she seemed too afraid and remained there frozen.  I was standing a little behind waiting to see what would happen, so the grandmother (I’m guessing that’s who she was) looked up at me and said, “Can you bring her?”  My usual response with strangers is to not involve myself because I feel awkward, but I felt badly for the child, so I gently lifted her onto the escalator and stepped on beside her, fully expecting that now she was on she would go and join her family.  Instead she grasped my finger very tightly and didn’t let go the whole way down.


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