bye 2015; hey there 2016

It’s been a year.  Such a year.  Ups.  Downs.  Kind of an emotional rollercoaster really.  I feel like I’ve been very stretched this year with a lot of things that have happened, and also really grateful for so much good I’ve got going on as well.

Last night when I was with a group of the team [fam] from church seeing in the New Year, we went around the group talking about what we’re thankful for in the past year, and for so many it was a sense of belonging that has been found at Hillsong Melbourne, and in the teams where we serve together.  It truly has become a family for so many, and I’m glad to see that we can all be there for each other through the storms life throws at us, and celebrating the good things as well.  It’s been a huge step for me moving into a leadership role at church, and what with everything else life has thrown at me this year, relationally and emotionally, it has been a constant challenge.  But I’ve always had people around me to support me and talk me through how I’m feeling, and the sense of God’s faithfulness and his grace in every season has been unbelievable.  These guys are some of the very best.


Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 10.56.24 PM

And not only at church.  There’s a real sense of community with people at work as well, and it’s also become like a surrogate family, which has made going to work a real joy.  Not that there haven’t been some significant challenges there as well, but they are truly such a great crew it makes everything worthwhile.


Despite how challenging the year has been, I’ve felt a real sense that the coming year is going to be a lot more settled.  I’ve been feeling a lot more positive about the future than I can remember feeling before.  The best truly is yet to come!

(I totally stole these pictures from people on FaceBook/Instagram… sorry guys).


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