not hiding, hi


The other day while no one was home someone came and denuded our back area.  I’m not pleased.

Also today without warning at 7 am our neighbour arrived to announce that they were coming to take down an asbestos wall between our properties.  Apparently the property agent had a week to let us know it was happening.  They didn’t.  So now there is no wall between us and the neighbours.  How exciting.

Last weekend was Easter, and I led a team of volunteers to have church in an arena at the tennis centre.  I’m not sure exactly how many seats we had allowed for (my guess is somewhere between 2-3 thousand), but there were more people than seats so that’s always fun (cue me running around like a crazy person).  But we smashed it because I have an amazing team.

And then I started a leadership development course through church on Wednesday night (participating not leading just to be clear), which will be a challenge, and while it will make me uncomfortable it’s good to be prepared to grow.

It’s always tempting to just crawl under a rock and hide.

But anyway.  Hi!


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