Singapore: the third day

By this time I had walked well over 80 km in the three days I’d been in Singapore.  The third day saw us head up to the MacRitchie Park/Reservoir which is a jungled nature reserve and water catchment area.

So, on with the show.












I had more than one person tell me before I went that Singapore is the cleanest city I’d ever go to, but I have to say that isn’t really the impression I got when I was there.  Maybe it’s because I was taken around areas that aren’t on your usual tourist checklist, but I saw my share of grime and litter (Singaporeans blame it on visiting Malaysians I’m told).  Also, who expects to find a ditch that had been recently de-natured and had apparently been used as a dumping ground for random rubbish including Eames-style chairs ?  Certainly not me (but I do love that kind of thing, so…).

By the end of the third day my feet were ready to part with the rest of me and go to an early grave.  RIP.


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