Who am I?

The eternal question, and I find myself asking, well, myself, this question relatively often.  Ok maybe not that often.  Occasionally when I can’t sleep in the middle of the night and some other infinitely more important thing isn’t occupying my mind.  So I’m a guy.  I was born in New Zealand in 1980 and lived in Auckland up until February of 2013, at which point I decided it was time for a change so I quit my job and moved to Melbourne, Australia.

I’ve traveled a little bit, mostly to cities… New York, London, Paris, Barcelona, Rome, Florence, Venice, Berlin, Perth, Brisbane.  And that’s pretty much it.  You could say I’m somewhat of a flaneur: someone who wanders the city, loving it for what it is, exploring, being.  Yeah.

My religious beliefs are what you would probably call Christian, although that is a superficial way to look at a very complex but important part of who I am.  Here is a place where I sometimes write/post some things about what I’m thinking or what I’m reading, etc.

I studied Fine Arts with my focus predominantly in photography and writing, and am considering my options as to what I ultimately want to do with my degree.

I work for an arthouse cinema which gives me the added bonus of free movies.  Being a bit of a movie “buff” (for want of a better term), I think that is pretty much ideal.  Lets just say that I’ve watched far more movies in the last several years than I would have otherwise…

I recently read Jonathan Safran Foer’s Eating Animals, a book I highly recommend (and not just because he’s one of my favourite authors), which prompted (or almost forced) me to become a vegetarian.  I used to love meat and I thought that reading a book couldn’t possibly change that, but I can’t even think about eating it anymore.

So that’s it then, all my other random thoughts or happenings you will probably hear about when I post about them.

Nathaniel Spain
Photographer/writer/explorer of the world

email: thewhitebird@rocketmail.com


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