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2 Responses to “Ask/tell…”

  1. meanddoors Says:

    Besides blogging what other pieces do you write(i.e. poetry, short stories etc.)? Just want to know from one writer to another.
    I write poetry mostly and am testing out blogging and short stories because I am thinking about getting a degree in writing when I go to college. My blog is I just started it this month and are working out the kinks, but am excited to get my thoughts and works out in the world for I am just another student of the world.

  2. thewhitebird Says:

    Hey. Basically what you see here is what I write. I pretty much only write fragments when I’m inspired and then I post them as a way of setting them free from myself. I haven’t really tried to write seriously, I just lay down what comes. So if you look back through the blog you’ll find various things that I’ve written which could come under various headings, ie. poetry, short prose. My writing in recent years started as something to sit alongside my photography because I have a fairly strong narrative drive that seems to bisect with my photographic work.

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