January 21, 2016



portrait of the artist…

January 13, 2016


(one of my favourite things I’ve learned to do in the last year is making my own gifs)

one wednesday

January 13, 2016

A covering of cloud had taken the edge off what had earlier been an almost unbearable beating-down from the sun, yet still a hot wind blew across the city from the dry inland to the west; from the desert as like as not. The light and shadows rubbed up against one another, all definition gone as they mingled softly together; a deepening of the light under trees seen from the distance added an almost mystical quality to the afternoon. The heat had driven most people indoors in search of respite, with air conditioners turned up full bore, and the unusual quiet of the streets added to the strangeness in the air. A storm was coming. He could feel it. The anticipation slid down his back between the sweat on his skin and the lightest t-shirt he owned. He walked down the street toward home as quickly as he could bring himself to, eager to be out of the heat, yet not willing to exert himself to any great extent either. The wind was picking up, driving dust and debris before it, the direction changing, now from behind him, now from in front. He squinted as his hair blew around his face, wary of the grit that might find its way into his eyes at any moment. Glancing down a side street he could see the city disappearing into a haze. It wasn’t just windy, it was a dust storm. He picked up his pace, and was soon at his front door, slamming it shut behind him as a gust rattled the pictures hanging along the walls of the hallway.


January 12, 2016


just like that bluebird oh i’ll be free…
ain’t that just like me…

bye 2015; hey there 2016

January 1, 2016

It’s been a year.  Such a year.  Ups.  Downs.  Kind of an emotional rollercoaster really.  I feel like I’ve been very stretched this year with a lot of things that have happened, and also really grateful for so much good I’ve got going on as well.

Last night when I was with a group of the team [fam] from church seeing in the New Year, we went around the group talking about what we’re thankful for in the past year, and for so many it was a sense of belonging that has been found at Hillsong Melbourne, and in the teams where we serve together.  It truly has become a family for so many, and I’m glad to see that we can all be there for each other through the storms life throws at us, and celebrating the good things as well.  It’s been a huge step for me moving into a leadership role at church, and what with everything else life has thrown at me this year, relationally and emotionally, it has been a constant challenge.  But I’ve always had people around me to support me and talk me through how I’m feeling, and the sense of God’s faithfulness and his grace in every season has been unbelievable.  These guys are some of the very best.


Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 10.56.24 PM

And not only at church.  There’s a real sense of community with people at work as well, and it’s also become like a surrogate family, which has made going to work a real joy.  Not that there haven’t been some significant challenges there as well, but they are truly such a great crew it makes everything worthwhile.


Despite how challenging the year has been, I’ve felt a real sense that the coming year is going to be a lot more settled.  I’ve been feeling a lot more positive about the future than I can remember feeling before.  The best truly is yet to come!

(I totally stole these pictures from people on FaceBook/Instagram… sorry guys).

bah humbug

December 24, 2015


This is me at a Christmas Eve-eve party with some work peeps.  Happy season!  Bye.


November 19, 2015

after adam

I haven’t picked up my camera in a while.  I haven’t felt it.  That thing.  You can see how long it’s been.  Just look at the last post.  Sometime at the start of spring.  But yesterday while I was sitting on the sofa in the back yard, another thing I haven’t done in a while, I saw myself reflected in the glass doors and just had to capture the essence of what I had seen.  I’m calling it After Adam (ha!).

I’ve stopped cutting my hair and my beard.  I’ve never had my hair grow so long before.  I’d always gotten tired of it, or decided it was time for a change.  Maybe I’m becoming more patient.  Less restless.  Whatever, I like it.


That monstera deliciosa coming on so lush.  And I’ve finally had success with sprouting an avocado stone.  All it took was forgetting about it and assuming it was dead.


While I had my camera out, I saw this light shining in through my bedroom window.  At first I assumed it was the golden hour, but later I realised it was because of the fires in Western Australia creating a red-gold haze in the sky.

It’s easy to forget to remember that everything is abundant.  Especially when it sometimes seems like the world is falling down around us all.

the world is abundant

September 10, 2015

O, full of scorpions is my mind

September 10, 2015

I am looking forward to this film so much!  It is a bit out of control…

Macbeth (2015)
Dir. Justin Kurzel

continental drift

August 14, 2015

I had a cute encounter earlier today.  I had finished work and was going to the supermarket to pick up some supplies.  As I was coming to the escalator leading down to the supermarket, the kind of escalator that is flat so shopping trolleys (carts) can go on them, a woman with a baby and two small children and an older woman were getting on the escalator (isn’t escalator such a great word?), but the little girl, who was I would say around three years old, just stood at the top and watched as her family slowly drifted away from her.  They were trying to encourage her to get on and saying she would be fine, but she seemed too afraid and remained there frozen.  I was standing a little behind waiting to see what would happen, so the grandmother (I’m guessing that’s who she was) looked up at me and said, “Can you bring her?”  My usual response with strangers is to not involve myself because I feel awkward, but I felt badly for the child, so I gently lifted her onto the escalator and stepped on beside her, fully expecting that now she was on she would go and join her family.  Instead she grasped my finger very tightly and didn’t let go the whole way down.


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